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Perspective Examples of Digital Editing


In this example, use of  linear and aerial perspective modifications have been employed to enhance the over all appearance of the image making it more likely suitable to use in a painting.

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This  photo was taken of a barn on a farm along the Potomac River in West Virginia. The photo was over exposed do to bright sunlight conditions but collectively there was enough visual interest to experiment with it.

Of course there where many different issues with it but nothing that could not be changed.

Aerial Perspective  

First and foremost was the task of removing the the old trailer placed almost in the the center. This was done by simply using the ‘clone’ tool to copy the brush in the surrounding area. Then the ‘lasso’ tool was used to mask the distant mountain area to add blue with the ‘color balance’ tool. This step was repeated to add a little green, red and yellow to some of the foreground.

Linear Perspective 



Next the barn was cut out and pasted back on the image at a enlarged scale to move it closer to the foreground. The image was also cropped from the left and the top to pull the silo away from the center. 

The background mountain area was then given a ‘gaussian blur’ treatment to bring focus to the foreground.

Adding interest with texture and brush strokes 

I liked the bush in the lower left from the original image so I cut and pasted the full size bush into the image to create a travel point for the eye to start from.  By altering the perspective slightly viewers will now have the sense of involvement instead of thinking they are just viewing an image. After all other changes have been made

I used the ‘paint daubs’ , ‘watercolor’ and ‘dry brush’ filters to create a distinctive painterly foreground detail for a preview of how the painting might look when complete.

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