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Before deciding to use a photo obtained from an internet source you should consider the rights of fellow artists and implemented copyright laws to protect the artist. As a painter or photographer it is generally considered poor etiquette in the art world to capitalize on another work without express permission. It is also against the law. 

Whether  the original artist has placed a © on his/her work or not it is not required by law and the time in which these rights apply may be longer than you might think. The latest copyright news and legislation can be found at the  Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act  where it had been passed by the US House and the Senate and signed by President Clinton October 27, 1998 that “Any copyright still in its renewal term at the time that the Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act becomes effective shall have a copyright term of 95 years from the date copyright was originally secured” 

Why bother using images and which ones can I use from the internet? For artistic reference of course, for copying no. As an example you could probably make use of a graphic description of an animal or bird to place in a landscape but, most likely you will not get away with painting the exact image that was photographed unless the photographer permits you to do so. And don’t even think about prints.

Of  literally millions of images available, it all depends on your intent. The general rule is, to use anyone’s image with a registered copyright or not you will need permission to use it if you yourself intend publish or take credit for it in commerce. The copyright laws give the original creator the final say. Also keep in mind that money has nothing to do with credits when comes to an expressed concept. So you should only contemplate taking reference from images that you find available online as “Public Domain” and always be sure about the status of a copyright before using it as you will find in some of the links provided below.

Reference Photo Links 

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 List Where Reference Photos Are Available Online

Photos for Artists

Art Morgue

Library of Congress – Prints & Photographs Online Catalog

Pen Ink Watercolor SketchingFree Photo Collections for Sketching, Download Pen, Ink and Watercolor Wash Drawing & Sketching Tip Sheets, Tutorials, and Practice Sheets in PDF format.

Liam’s Pictures from Old Books – free images scanned from more than 160 different old or rare books

Dryden Historical Aircraft Photo Collection

DOMAI – Tasteful Nude Photos (available to use with consent and terms of photographer)

 US Fish and Wildlife Service’s –  online digital library

 National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration -Photo Library Collection

Copyright Free Photos

Karen’s Whimsy – Public Domain Images

Public Domain Images

WWII in Color – A great collection of World War II photographs

GRIN Images – NASA collection of over 1000 images

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Photo Library

National Park Servicepublic domain digital images of national parks, monuments, battlefields, historic sites and related areas

Grand Canyon National Park


Best Photos US  – Millions of Free Photos

My Public Domain Images . com

P D Photo org


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