Ask Maurice - Painter's Notes & WIP

18 x 36                        “Centerville Rd. ”                     Acrylic on Canvas

Welcome. Interested in my the artist’s notes? You come to the right place. I will be progressively placing allot of stuff in the future. Hope the old posts I’ve replaced here don’t bore you.

After minor frustration developing a plan that worked, I’ve decided to utilize this blog as both a forum and for documentation of my works in progress that I feel need to share. If you have visited the forum before, it is now no longer available. However, you can post or make inquiries here to your hearts content. Same rules apply. Keep the content under wraps and specific to the subject (drawing and painting) or you get deleted and blocked. I hope some of the info I provide assists in some way, if not you can still always make an inquiry from the provided link.

Thanks for stopping. Feel free to come back too.

Maurice Garson.