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Making Paint –  What IS Paint , Pigments


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 List of pigments below 

Grapewood Dry Pigment Set

Grapewood colors

Pigments artist(15 plastic jars 60 ml each).Lamp black,burnt sienna,indian yellow,phthalo blue,terre verte yellowish shade,ultramarine blue,burnt umber light,yellow ochre,Venetian red,burnt umber dark,naples yellow,cobalt green,indian red,z.white,cadmium orange.

 Gamblin Dry PigmentGamblin Dry Pigment Colors Size: 4 oz/88 g


Grapewood Dry Pigment SetGrapewood colors
Pigments artist(15 plastic jars 60ml each).oxide of chromium,raw umber dark,bright red,raw umber light,cobalt blue,burnt umber dark,burnt sienna,cobalt green,titanium white,lamp black,cadmium yellow,terre verte ,raw sienna,ven red,yellow ochre.
Sinopia Pigment Sets
Sinopia Pigment Sets
Sennelier Dry Artists PigmentSennelier Artist Dry Pigment 175 ml Jar Sinopia Pigment Sets
Sinopia Pigment Sets

Amaco Paragona Glass Artist Palette

Glass Artist Palette

 Grinding Palette – for those who want to grind their own medium the best item to use for this task is a plain white smooth  floor tile or a  piece of glass painted white or grey on the under side such as the glass rectangular palette to the left with a glass muller as seen to right .

 Art Boards Handmade Glass Mullers

Hand Made Glass Mullers


A good video explaining the small batch paint making process.