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Ok, don’t get all worked up. I’m just one old man suffering from what may be ADHD and/ or a multitude of other things that happen at my age (that I refuse to take prescriptions for). I do keep adding to this site so, chances are you’ll see something interesting on this topic next time around. 00000 (more…)

Painting with Coffee

Painting with Coffee by Maurice Garson I have always been somewhat intrigued by the color properties of coffee. I have also seen quite a few successful ventures into this medium. One of my strongest concerns using it as a medium is that most coffee has a pH value of 5. Therefore, considering using it as a medium on bare canvas or paper is far from an archival process. This can be easily remedied by first neutralizing with calcium carbonate, sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) or aqua ammonia. Using small quantities (pinches or drops) mixing in and pH test papers until you (more…)
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