Art Terms

All too often, at one time or another, we all have been confused from our lack of comprehension of the diverse amount of terms used in the world of Art. It is my belief that much of this is caused by the various and complex cultures within the art community. However,hopefully we will now find new bridges opening in respect to this dilemma as we progress into a new age of global communication.I have provided links to various sites containing glossaries for your assistance and will be continuing to search for any additional information which, I can make available for you in the future.


Thames and 
Dictionary of Art Terms

by Edward Lucie-Smith

The Handbook of Art and Design Terms (Art Basics) (Paperback)
by David J. Edwards (Author)

The Concise Oxford
Dictionary of Art and Artists
by Ian Chilvers


The Harper Collins Dictionary of Art Terms and Techniques
(Harpercollins Dictionaries)
by Ralph Mayer