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Art History
What’s Art History got to do with me?

As we embark on the new millennium much of society appears to believe subconsciously that in order for civilization to prove it’s value, it must continue to advance in technology. Although painting and sculpture still occupies a percentage of interest (primarily in the decorative or cultural environment) man’s quest to out do himself has accelerated the pace combining science with the arts.

Since the turn of the twentieth century and the development of motion pictures, emphasis has been placed on new technical forms of expression. This tremendously effective media has created a gateway but also a frustrating challenge to the fine artist. As a child I was always lead to believe that the “artiste”, although highly  respected within cultural classes of society never received much recognition for his work until after his death. Counting the decades later, I’ve discovered that there is a great deal of truth in that analysis. However, if one were to think about it, there is absolutely nothing you can find that you enjoy in your personal environment (that is man made) an artist didn’t have something to do with.

My personal conclusion is, the artist himself must determine what level of recognition motivates him, whether it be monetary or just acknowledgement in appreciation of his creative abilities. An artist must eventually come to realize that there are many out there possessing creative genius and that in many cases his visions and purpose are ahead of time which in turn may not necessarily create the response anticipated. Strong discipline is required  to continue working, as his work may not even be recognized in the present but could be effectively utilized or even considered prophetic in the future.

So, what would be your fundamental purpose to explore “Art History “? Well, one of the most compelling aspects is that, current artists will have the ability to identify characteristics of past artists lives as well as distinguish society’s trends in regards to appreciation. Then, depending on individual circumstances an artist is provided with forethought for future projects. I’m sure you have all heard the infamous quote “History repeats it’s self “.Consider this innovative concept as a strategic tool and a gift left behind from our predecessors.


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All my life I have worked to be able to earn my living, but I thought that one could do good painting without attracting attention to one’s private life. Certainly, an artist wishes to raise himself intellectually as much as possible, but the man must remain obscure. The pleasure must be found in the work.“……..Paul Cezanne


History of Art by H. W. Janson, Anthony F. Janson
History of Art
by H. W. Janson, Anthony F. Janson
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American Visions – Set
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