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Experimenting with art from an early age, I have been a multimedia artist working with various materials for most of my life. However, due to an un-yielding passion I intentionally continue to work in contrast with progress struggling to preserve the  use of traditional methods and materials when painting art.

While following modern methods using both old and new materials, it had become aware to me through my own struggles to locate valid information  that some ancient painting processes deserving of more reverence and if not collectively publicized may become driven to extinction. It is my belief that these resources should remain available to anyone (including those of limited means) with sincere  interest in creating art.

Maurice Garson, AKA Britt Garrison

Thus was born "Ask Maurice- An Artist Reference to Painting". 

The general purpose of this publication is to provide a free  art research resource and forum for current and future artists. This web site was intentionally  created as a consistent expanding data base to furnish whatever knowledge the reader would require. The drop down menu folder links to the left outlines the current and future publications to be available on this site. And, there is also a site search to help you find what you are looking for. Can't find it?  Send Maurice an email with your inquiry.

Shop for recommended titles from the collection of books available from my bookstore powered by Amazon.comArts & Photography . Through out you are provided with links to shop online. These links are continuously added to provide recommended and "hard to find" materials from various art suppliers specific to each painting project and to sponsor/support the expense of this site. You are invited to browse the instructional subjects provided as well as visit the art related links sharing  educational and manufactures' recommendations on the web.  

If you have an active or special interest in the art of painting, feel free to offer any additional information suggesting what would make this site more beneficial to the public. Note of your contribution will be made where appropriate. You can personally contact Maurice via email with any inquiries you may have.  All intellectual contributions are welcome. 

For guidance with your projects or to offer suggestions, you can also interact within the forum page  provided to discuss "painting"  topics with other artists.  Please, utilize this resource constructively and of course return to this site frequently for future interest.. 

"Absolutely nothing is gained from an inhibited expression." 



  Maurice Garson




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